Ir. H. Mahdi Musa
President Commissioner
Born in Banda Aceh in 1952, he is the initiator and co-founder of Le Mirage and currently serves as the President Commissioner at Le Mirage since 2013.

Educational qualifications :
He holds an Engineering degree at the Dharma Agung University in Medan, North Sumatra in 1987.

Work experiences :
After completing the STM in 1971 – 1975, he left his village looking for experience. He worked in many fields, like selling kopra, selling coffee in the city of Sabang, bricklayer , rice stalls, sugar factory workers, and employee of drilling contractors in the deep forest of of Lhokseumawe.

In 1976 he was accepted as a foreign company employee of Bechtel International to be trained as a welder worker at Pertamina Brandan.

1976 – 1978 worked in a US foreign company Bechtel International during the construction of the Arun Lhokseumawe LNG plant construction project. Here is the beginning of entering the world of industry, educated not only to become experts in the field of welding, pipe and steel construction, he was also trained to be a figure of discipline, hard work and time respect.

1978 – 1998 was accepted and worked at the LNG -PT ARUN Lhokseumawe liquefaction company, as a welder and finally became a specialist in QA / QC quality control. In 1980 became while at a work students at Medan Darma Agung University, completing a S1 (engineer) degree in 1987.

1998 – 2015 worked in Qatar LNG company as an Engineer, Quality Control (QA / AC) expert. The interpreuneurship talent in him continued by building a Supermarket business unit, Restaurant in the city of Doha – Qatar. On 2013, was the beginning of a brilliant idea to start a property developer, which was followed up by his son Rousdy Meurahdiansyah with the “LE MIRAGE” team.

Ir. Samsudin
President Director
Born in Jakarta in 1970, was one of the founders of Le Mirage and was appointed as managing director at Le Mirage in 2013.

Educational qualification :
He holds a degree in Architecture at university in Jakarta in 1998.

Work experiences :
He is a figure of businessman who is very keen to see business opportunities in depok and Jakarta. Starting his career as a consultant and contractor at PT. Prisma Ars. until 2006. After that, he started his own business in the field of consultant and contractor services and became a property developer until 2013. Success in pursuing a property business made him succeed as the managing.

H. Rousdy Meurahdiansyah, SE.
Born in Lhokseumawe, Aceh in 1983, was one of the founders of Le Mirage and was appointed as director at Le Mirage in 2013.

Educational quaifications :
He holds a Bachelor of Economics in management at STIE YKPN Jogjakarta in 2007.

Work experiences :
A businessman and a reliable leader of more than 10 years, experienced in leading several companies both domestically and abroad. He once held the position of Country Manager at Qatindo W.L.L , Doha, Qatar until 2010. Then he held the position of Managing Director at PT. Maruna Megah Mulia until 2016.

Hendrawan Aulia, SE., Akt.
Born in Jakarta in 1979, was one of the founders of Le Mirage and was appointed as director at Le Mirage in 2013.

Educational qualifications :
He holds a Bachelor of Economics in Accounting at the Indonesian Islamic University (UII) Jogjakarta in 2005.  After earning a bachelor’s degree, he continued his accountant professional education at Diponegoro University Semarang and succeeded in obtaining the Akt degree. in 2009. In addition, he also received a CA degree from the Indonesian Accounting Association in 2015 and a CPA from IAPI in 2018.

Work experiences :
He is a reliable and experienced analyst. Started his career as a management consultant on oil palm
plantations in Padang, West Sumatra until 2018. He held the position of director at PT. Great Sierra Together in the period 2009 to 2014.